Gear Gremlin GG170 Tyre Repair Kit

For a long time, I’ve felt it would be prudent to carry a puncture repair kit. I’d always been lucky enough to find my way to Burwin’s and have it done, but what if it was in the middle of nowhere?

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2016 – Daily Running

I’d read a few bits online, about people doing “daily running”, where, as the name suggests,  they’d get out for a run every day. Often it was a set period of time, such as a month.

Why stop at a month? At that point, it may as well continue, right?

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2015 The Undocumented Year

It’s been a very busy 2015.  I’ve very much been trying to improve my fitness, and having discovered that we now have a Parkrun locally, I set about it.

Also note that in February at a works do, I somehow managed to enter myself into the triathlon team.  So more reason to push the fitness. And learn to swim again.

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