Bringing awesome back

I started 2014, very much unable to walk unaided.  It was quite a shitty time.  Come March, the physio’s had given up on me and left me to the surgeons.

The cause of this was down to a messy L4/L5 disk.  It had been a problem in 2012, and it decided it wanted to ruin 2014 for me to.  But, I am a fighter.

I walked out of the surgery consultants 3 weeks later – Surgery N0t Required At This Time.  I wasn’t really sure how i felt about his. I mean, sure, its good to avoid surgery where possible, but i was also hoping surgery might be the be all end all.  My secret?  There was no real secret.  I just continued to exercise and stretch.  Gently.  But progressively.  Slowly pushing slightly further each time.

I still get the odd twinge of sciatic pain down my left side, but i can live with that, compared to the terrible pain i had been suffering before.  I’d lost a bit of weight during this, so now was going to be a good time to put some weight back on, so when i could get into training again, i could trim the fat.  I increased to 81kg’s and around 18% bodyfat.

Roll forward to July, and i did some light exercise, swimming, a couple of cycle rides… it was hard.  Having been an active person all my life, to then being immobile for nigh on 2 years, my fitness levels crashed horribly!

Then…  a little seed in my head seemed to get the exact right combination of moisture and warmth.  White Collar Boxing!  What if, having started the year unable to walk, i could end the year with my head held high and fighting?!  Well, little seeds do grow…