MU123 – Discovering Mathematics

So the first module on my path, MU123, officially started on 31st January 2017.  It’s quite a broad module, and i’d read that a good amount of it is GCSE/A Level.  i did my Maths GCSE in 1989 and i can say that none of MU123 was covered.  As i didn’t go onto A Level, i cant comment on that.  I could have skipped this and taken a more direct first module, but as i’ve been out of education for a long time, i felt that this would be a good introduction and would help getting into the mindset of producing work how it needs to be presented (rather than just scribbled on the back of utility bills)

Fortunately, the materials were sent out very early in January, so i was able to get a head start on the study before the course officially started.

There are 5 iCMA’s (Interactive Computer marked Assignment), and 4 TMA’s (Tutor Marked Assignments).

These overlap on the course material, so for example, iCMA41 covers unit 1, TMA01 covers units 1&2, iCMA42 covers units 2,3,&4, TMA02 then covers units 3,4&5

Then, at the end of the module is an EMA (End of Module Assignment).  This is like a TMA but covers ALL of the units within MU123.

Each iCMA/TMA counts towards the final score, weighted like so:

  • iCMA41 – 1.6%
  • iCMA42 – 44 – 2.4% each
  • iCMA45 – 3.2%
  • TMA01 – 12%
  • TMA02 – 16%
  • TMA03 – 24%
  • TMA04 – 16%
  • EMA – 20%

So scoring 100% on TMA01, for example, would give 12% towards the overall score.  This is my simplified look on it.  There is a minimum pass mark on the EMA (40%) else the whole module is a fail.  Also, a TMA may be subject to substitution.


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