To what degree?


Back in my day… You’d do GCSE’s, many would go onto A levels, then a few would go on to university.  Uni wasn’t the norm. Times have changed, and it seems that the majority go on to Uni.  The knock on effect of this is that even for lower level employment, a degree is the minimum requirement.

Fast forward 28 years since i left school, and i felt it was probably about time i should look into doing a degree.  I’d toyed with the idea a few times, but financially it wasn’t viable.  But now, part time students can get student loans.  Student loans are linked to salary, and work out to be a fantastic option to finance studies.  And with the 30 year pay-back clause (you don’t pay it back if you’re not earning or are below the threshold, and, after 30 years, any remaining student loan debt is wiped anyway), it’s leading onto a generation of return to learners that will never repay the full amount of the loan.

So I signed up with the Open University.  I’m going to start out with some Mathematics to get into the swing of things.

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