WCBL – The aftermath!

Did you spill my pint??

I’ve finally got around to it…  Whats taken so long?

I was knocked senseless and its taken 6 weeks to get over it.

No, not really!  Although i did take a bit of a hammering!

So i turned up, 6pm it, nice an early as nobody knew what time they would be on.  And, we drew the last slot on the card.  The headline bout?  Who knows!  Anyway, it was a long wait.  I considered getting pizza delivered.  I spent a bit of time amongst the audience, trying to pick out and speak to the guys and girls that came along to support me.  I missed a couple of people for which i wholeheartedly apologise, but thank you all for coming along for the support.

You’d think time would fly by, knowing that you’d be stepping into the ring in front of a baying crowd.  Let me tell you, it didn’t. Time dragged and dragged.  The last 15 minutes did however fly by!  I’d manage to collar Alex to be my cornerman, we did some pad work. My opponent, Rob, was called to the ring.  Then i was called.  I was a little thrown out, THATS NOT MY MUSIC SO IT CANT BE ME YET!  It wasn’t my music, but it was my call to the ring anyway.  I got a lot of boo’s… Seemed that Rob had a much larger or louder crowd, or at least, more drunk & rowdy!  I walked… calmly, casually.  Trying not to let the nerves show.  Believe me, no matter how focussed you are, or think you are, the nerves are there.

Another very weird thing, is once that bell dings, suddenly, you are completely on your own.  You don’t even hear the crowd.  Just me. And him. And a nice respectful bit of boxing.

Nah, was it f*ck!  Within seconds he rushed at me like a lunatic at a bar brawl pinning me to the ropes!  Realising that this was how it was going to go down, i returned the compliment with a headlock and punches to the face!  We got separated and both warned…  The next bit of engagement was much the same… As i broke from a headlock, i stupidly had my guard down and took a belter of a left hook.  That screwed me right over, quite frankly, i couldn’t really see straight from that point.  I continued, but working from instinct and feel.  We exchanged.  Rob put a WWE throw across the ring on me.  A couple of body shots and i was done.  The ref gave me an 8 count and i had to make a decision… am i able to continue?  I weighed things up…

  • Can i see straight?
  • Is there a liklihood of actually getting injured?
  • Would the end of the round give me time to recover enough?
  • Have i got anything to gain by attempting to continue?

So that was that.  Then there was some crazy ring invasion!  I still have no real idea what that was about, i couldn’t see much anyway, i was just aware of bodies coming into my physical space that shouldn’t be there.  Security dealt with that.  And it was edited out of the official video.

Oh, and naturally Rob and I had a chat and a laugh about it afterwards.  Seriously, WTF is wrong with us?  That aint right?!

So, my thoughts…

I need to be fitter!  On a personal note, i think i put up a decent showing considering my physical issues, but ‘a decent showing’ wasn’t enough.  But you know what?  I stepped into that ring, and i stepped out of it with my head held high (although spinning).  I also feel that i have ‘unfinished business’ in the ring.  I was outgunned. On this occassion.

Enough of my rambling… here’s the vid footage

Thank you to WCBLondon, to the guys and girls in our training sessions who all put their hearts and souls into it and being a great bunch!  And to my family and friends for putting up with me and supporting me along the way 🙂   Why not give it a bash yourselves?

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