WCBL – Week 12, Showtime!


W/C 8/12

Crazy week!

I’ll be honest.  The phone has been crazy.  I’ve been in and out of London for interviews all week.

Interview question – could you tell me one major decision that you have made that has been a big impact on your life?

Sure i can!  I decided i’d give boxing a go, shortly after having started walking again.  It was a bit of a drive to help get back into shape.  It’s given me a bit of sparkle back.

Hmm… so how do you think it would sit with our clients if you were to come in to work bruised and bashed up?

Clients being healthcare execs, medical experts and so on.  It was a fair question.

Its a one-off event, i said. Charity, blah bah blah, kittens.

How did you get on, did you win??

I’ll be able to answer that on Monday!

Training this week has been a bit, shall we say random.  As has the diet.  I finally succumbed to MaccyD’s.  Lots.  Right now i’m feeling a little fat.

On the plus side, I submitted my ring walk music, which is arguably the hardest part of this whole thing.

I have put a decent amount of time in on the bag though.  Concentrating on a bit of footwork, getting in and out and combo’s.  Also ensuring that my guard doesn’t drop.  I’m getting far less fatigued.

Today is Friday.  And tomorrow is the big event!  I’ve packed up my bag ready, so i have less to worry about on the day.  I put about 40 minutes onto the bag.

Then, just messing about and without gloves/wraps on, i gave the bag a good whack, misjudged and mishit it, bending my wrist.  Although the pain was sharp, there didn’t seem to be any lasting damage.  We iced it for a few minutes anyway.

So i guess this is probably going to be my penultimate WCBL blog entry, the final one being the result and possibly video to follow.

It’s been a blast.  I can see myself continuing the training, i’ve enjoyed it immensely, even when getting bopped in the face.

Would i fight again?  Well, that depends.  We’ll see.

Would i recommend it?  Absolutely!  Not only have i improved my fitness levels, i’ve met some great people along the way.  I’m sure we’ll be knocking shit out of each other at some point in the future, then laughing about it.

Seriously, what?  That’s not normal behaviour, is it??

And incidentally, i will let them know on Monday, as I am now employed in the healthcare industry.

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