WCBL – Week 11


W/C 1/12

At home.  Feels a little odd as i quite like running around Buckingham Palace, and using the underground car park.  Weather has been a bit dire.

Monday – Neck and jaw still pretty bad.  The jaw’s ok really, but the neck is causing some issues.  I need to sort out a phone – work have agreed to let me use their phone for a few day’s whilst i sort something out.

Oh, had a call about Thursdays’ conference call interview, went well, it would seem.

Tuesday – A bit more movement in the neck.

Wednesday – Neck.  Improving, but don’t want to further damage things, so taking it easy. Had a rejection from a previous interview but interesting feedback.

Thursday – Really need to get moving again.  Heavy bag.  Did 15 minutes on the bag and video’d it.  This was really useful!  I could see exactly when and where my guard was dropping.  Why didn’t i do this sooner?  Took a bit of a break, then set up an interval timer to mimic 3x2minute rounds, and see what i had learnt from watching myself.

If there’s one piece of advice i would give to somebody, it would be to video yourself on the bag!

Friday – Did a few minutes of skipping, then more bag. The lead hand (left, jab) tires quickly, so spent 3 rounds mostly working the jab and keeping my right up.

Friday night, i headed over to Camden to watch the white collar ‘Londons Calling’ event, which was an awesome evening!  Good to see some of the guys n girls that i’ve been training with laying it down.

Saturday – Opted not to go to training.  Quite frankly, i want to avoid any chance of injury prior to the event.

BAGWORK BAGWORK BAGWORK SKIPPING!!!  That’s how its going to be from here on in.

To whet your appetite…here’s some footage i took on friday…

Doug (red) v Big Andy (blue) – 2 people i’ve gelled well with. Doug, as he and I are like the elders of the group… and big Andy, as we’ve sparred together a fair bit


Then Stuart Laming (blue) v  ? – Stuart’s a top lad, we hooked up on Facebook right at the start of training and have spurred each other along throughout, despite being in different training sessions.


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