WCBL – Week 10


W/C 24/11

Imperative now to stay uninjured and germ free…

Monday – No training.  I had a job interview in Angel :o)

Tuesday – 30 minutes skipping in the car park.

Wednesday – 30 minutes skipping in the car park

Thursday – 1.75 miles run around the area.  15m 19s.  Seemed to have maintained pace.  Plus, an interview over conference phone :o)

Friday – Back to Angel for a 2nd interview :o)  Also, it turned out to be my last day in the office.  I was literally told at 4:45pm, so barely even had a chance to say cheerio to people.  I managed to run around to see some key figures to say good bye.

Saturday – Knights Gym.  Woke up and to be honest, didn’t really feel on it.  I probably shouldn’t have gone to the gym, but I did.  And what a mistake that turned out to be.  I just  wasn’t alert at all.  Did 3 or 4 rounds of sparring, and quite frankly, regretted it.  A cracking left hook which i managed to parry with my jaw, has left my jaw still aching days later, and i can’t move my neck, seems like i have whip lash.  I quit training early.  I realised that if i continued, then i was likely to get properly injured.

I am so annoyed with myself.  I should have just skipped training for that one day.  Instead, i run the risk of having my remaining training time ruined by not being able to move my head freely.  I hope this improves within a few days.

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