WCBL – Week 9


W/C 17/11

The back is feeling a bit achey.  Not the dreaded twinge that’ll see me unable to walk, but also, not a normal back ache.  Going to take things a bit easy this week.

Monday – Car park session, 30 minutes skipping.

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – HR meeting regarding my redundancy.  Once done, quick change and into the car park for half hour’s skipping.  Its important to keep the mind and body active, no matter what is going on around.

Thursday – Rest day (quick interview at lunchtime)

Friday – Car park session again!

Saturday – Knights Gym.  What a mixed bag of sparring.  First off, Big Andy.  Always gets me a good thud early, and that wakes me up.  I can’t afford to be hit by him too aften.  Then another spar partner who just rang rings around me and totally outclassed me.  Left me feeling really quite shit.  But, partner 3 i was in complete control of.  Weird how that happens!

So a few priority changes for me.

1. Get a few interviews lined up, and ideally, have some offers on the table.

2. Don’t let it mentally affect training/the fight.  Sure, getting a job is important.  But keeping my eye on the ball for that night is also highly up there in importance.


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