WCBL – Week 9


W/C 17/11

The back is feeling a bit achey.  Not the dreaded twinge that’ll see me unable to walk, but also, not a normal back ache.  Going to take things a bit easy this week.

Monday – Car park session, 30 minutes skipping.

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – HR meeting regarding my redundancy.  Once done, quick change and into the car park for half hour’s skipping.  Its important to keep the mind and body active, no matter what is going on around.

Thursday – Rest day (quick interview at lunchtime)

Friday – Car park session again!

Saturday – Knights Gym.  What a mixed bag of sparring.  First off, Big Andy.  Always gets me a good thud early, and that wakes me up.  I can’t afford to be hit by him too aften.  Then another spar partner who just rang rings around me and totally outclassed me.  Left me feeling really quite shit.  But, partner 3 i was in complete control of.  Weird how that happens!

So a few priority changes for me.

1. Get a few interviews lined up, and ideally, have some offers on the table.

2. Don’t let it mentally affect training/the fight.  Sure, getting a job is important.  But keeping my eye on the ball for that night is also highly up there in importance.


WCBL – Week 8


W/C 10/11

Monday – Run around the park/Buckingham Palace/the Mall. 1.77miles 15min50. Have i slowed down a touch?  Followed by skipping in the car park.  Learnt a new trick at the weekend so threw that in.  Took some vid footage, i look like i’m at 110% concentration level and possibly constipated, yet when i’m watching the instructional vids on YouTube, they make it look soooo easy!

You might notice the Movember Mo making an appearance!

Tuesday – Crap weather, so avoided the run and did a boat load of skipping.  Evening – arrived at Knights quite early, so more skipping, followed by an hour’s session (300 workout for the warmup…)

Wednesday – rest day. But instead, ended up doing interval training on the skipping rope for 20 minutes.

Submitted my bio for the program.

Name – Darren Curzon

Nickname – ‘The Cannon’

Darren works in IT within the live music and sports events industry, helping to provide the IT requirements for various venues in London and Europe including The O2, Eventim Apollo and SSE Arena Wembley.  Although a complete newcomer to boxing, other sports in the past have included motorcycle racing, taekwondo (1st dan) and he completed the London Marathon in 2011.  Unfortunately, spinal injuries over the past 2 years caused some mobility issues, but he seems to have put these behind him to get into shape for this event.

Thursday – Actually taking a rest day.  Took the opportunity to post some tickets out.

Went into a scheduled Performance Review meeting at work, only to find that actually, it’d become a redundancy announcement and i am now in the consultation period.  At this point i dont know how long the process will take, but i may need to change my bio…  Actually, it could be a great opportunity to find a new job!

Darren is currently looking for work within the IT sector.  Although a complete newcomer to boxing, other sports in the past have included motorcycle racing, taekwondo (1st dan) and he completed the London Marathon in 2011. Unfortunately, spinal injuries over the past 2 years caused some mobility issues, but he seems to have put these behind him to get into shape for this event.

Friday – another rest day

Saturday – Knights Gym.  General workout, circuits, bag work.  Did a few rounds of sparring with another guy.  He was FAST!!  But he was also 18kg lighter than me, so i had a weight, height and reach advantage.  But he was certainly very quick, and got me a corker on the nose!  Nothing painful, but made the eyes water right away.  Turned out, he’d actually done a few shows in the past so had lots of experience under his belt.  I was able to use my reach to tag him, he was able to use his speed to move, tag, move.

I’m not too sure what is happening to me.  I’m meeting new people, and its like

“Hi, I’m <insert random name here> and i’m going to try and punch you in the face”

“Nice to meet you, i’m Darren, and i’m going to try and punch YOU in the face”

Its starting to feel like normal behaviour.  I must try to remember that behaviour belongs only in the gym…


WCBL – Week 7


W/C 03/11

Monday – Weather was pretty groggy, and we’re approaching the stages where i need to avoid illness and injury. So no running.  Did 40 minutes skipping instead.

Tuesday – Lunchtime run, 1.82miles 15m52, followed by 20 mins skipping in the car park.  Evening – Knights Gym.  A bit of bag work, followed by a good amount of sparring.  Partenered up with Levy again for a few rounds, considering the age gap (i have nearly 20 years on him), we do seem to spar well.  Then another chap (cant remember name, call him Irish 1) who was able to consistently tag me in the nose for a couple of rounds.  Then another guy (Irish 2) who clattered me with an average right hook to the side of my head.  Back to Irish 1, and i raised my guard by a few inches which helped a lot!  Ended the session with 10 minutes of circuit training.

Right knee screwed.  I was unable to do lunges on it and walking up/down stairs was tricky.

Wednesday – Rest day. And bought a knee support.

Thursday – Knee feeling a little better but going to rest it.

I have the daunting prospect that i may have to pull out of the event, purely for economic reasons.  I’m just not getting the ticket sales that i need to get.  This saddens me as i know how much work i’ve put in, and although i may not ever be a great boxer, or even an ok boxer for that matter, i have made massive improvements in my fitness.

Friday – Lunchtime run, 1.77 miles, 15m34, followed by 20 minutes of skipping.

My ol’ mate Kelly has created a Facebook Event and drummed up a lot of interest in the boxing!  Totally awesome and has really spurred me on again!

Saturday – Knights Gym.  A return to the bleep test… last time out (week 3) i got 7.10.  This time?  8.7.  A good improvement!  Also a point to note, my ‘opponent’ dropped at 8.9, so i seem to have closed the fitness gap (or he’s sandbagging).  This was followed by 9 rounds of sparring, and i have to say, it was a good day’s sparring for me.  Although i’m under no illusion – sparring, and fighting, are very different.  Anyway, my recently reviewed guard position is really helping and i’m remaining much calmer.

I still had the initial reaction once several punches came my way, to cover up, turn my head and close my eyes.  Why??!!!  I could get severely punished for that!!  At least this time i got over that fairly quickly and re-established myself.

Sunday – a bit achey today.  Rest day.  Might do a little ab work later, or try to convince the missus to work the focus pads for me.